While our church is unique in that it is located within the walls of the Iowa Correctional Institution for Women, it operates in every other respect exactly like any other Christian church. And just like every other church, our weekly worship celebration lies at the heart of our ministry!

While the majority of our congregation is composed of the women living within ICIW, they are by no means our only participants. Each and every week we are pleased to worship with other Christians from around the State of Iowa. These church groups, civic organizations and volunteers choose to join us within the razor wire as a weekly witness that the love of Christ knows no boundaries or limitations, and that in Christ we are all truly one in Spirit.

If you and your church or organization would like to join us for worship, we would be delighted to have you celebrate with us. For a glimpse of what our worship experience will be like for you and your group, visit The Worship Experience page. For information about how you can arrange to bring your group to join us for worship, check out the Visitor Resources page.

I Was in Prison, and You Came to Visit Me     (Matt 25.36)

I Was in Prison, and You Came to Visit Me (Matt 25.36)