Women at the Well is a mission congregation. This means that no matter how generous the giving of its members, it will never be self-sustaining. As a result, we rely heavily upon other sources of giving.

Contrary to popular opinion, we receive no direct funding through the United Methodist apportionment system. We do apply for, and receive, various grants from denominational sources. We are very grateful for this support, and for the recognition that the issues faced by those residing within the Iowa Correctional Institution for Women are a concern for all Iowans, not just those residing in the Des Moines area. However, grants account for only one-third of our annual operating budget. Moreover, in this time of economic change and uncertainty, they are becoming an increasingly endangered funding source.

By far our largest, and most reliable, source of funding is from individuals like you! The women of ICIW, and those who work among them, appreciate your excitement for, and willingness to support, our ministry. Your prayers, your presence in worship, your volunteer service, and your witness to others are gifts to us. But more than anything else, your monetary support is essential to keeping our ministry strong and vital. Please consider making a donation today!