Women at the Well is a mission congregation, a church that will never be able to support itself without the assistance of others. This is because we are located within a prison, and the members of our congregation are women incarcerated by the State of Iowa. While most of our members are employed, they earn only $0.25-$0.50 / hour.

As a result, we rely heavily upon the monetary support of outside organizations, particularly those of other religious organizations. To this end, we have developed our Partner Organization program, a program which assists us in building close, missional relationships with other groups interested in assisting us in our work of bringing hope into a place where, often, it appears to be in short supply.

Partner Organizations enter into a three (3) year covenant with Women at the Well to support us with their prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. Their support within these five areas is determined entirely by the organization itself, and is dependent upon each groups circumstances and abilities. At the end of the three year period, the covenant automatically expires, unless renewed by the organization's completion of a new covenant.

In addition to joining us in our support of those women incarcerated by the State of Iowa, Partner Organizations gain two additional, tangible benefits. First, our Partners gain the ability to reserve a date to bring up to ten (10) members of their organization to join us for worship a month in advance of non-partner organizations. Second, our Partners also gain the ability to reserve a date to have Pastor Lee, or another member of her staff, attend and speak at their worship services or group meeting a month in advance of non-partner organizations. We begin taking Partner Organization reservations for both types of event each June, for the following year.

If your organization is interested in becoming, or renewing, their Partner relationship, you can download our current Partner Covenant by clicking here. If you're interested in knowing what type of organizations become Partners with Women at the Well, you can review a list of our current Partners by clicking here.
And for more information, you can always contact our office by phone at 515/822-4599, or by e-mail at womenatthewell@iaumc.org.